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Event tools that go the distance

With the help of EventOnline, you always get a greater perspective of subscriptions, invitations, progression and participation. You can perform online payments, invoicing, or evaluations through web surveys.

You can also easily create templates for e-mails, surveys or sites. This saves time and administration.


Through EventOnline, your dialogue with the market will always have a professional and distinct image. Create an appealing communication for your e-mails, invitations, seminars or other activities.

All communication in EventOnline, such as SMS, newsletters, sites, invoices and surveys, is created to uphold a strong and distinguished market communication. It's good for your brand.

A greater perspective through CRM

EventOnline gives you as user a greater perspective of your participants and all your communication with them. You can easily see ongoing processes in the projects you are working with.

Naturally, in EventOnline you always keep track of your co-workers and your participants – your customers, basically. This is accomplished through statistics, surveys and effective campaign management. EventOnline is intended for both the statistically invested and the effective communicator. But it is just as suited for those who want to spend time on other things than administration.

Digital presence a constant presence.

EventOnline is a system which moves your dialogue and management of events to a digital, web-based platform, making it always available. Our system is a web service which works on any computer with an internet connection.

You get more time for other work tasks, since EventOnline automates your activities and occurences around an event and performs the work for you – even when it's time to roll out the red carpet.

In EventOnline

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